We occasionally run free distance healing events, typically "attended" by thousands of people wanting a little leg up in their daily lives. We also continue to offer remote negative entity removal assistance and always happy to work with anybody to initiate these energies to move along.


Last event 12 - 2 PM (GMT) 2nd February - More information via Facebook 

If you suffer from any of the irrational emotional conditions including below or other connected issues...just accept one of our regular Facebook event invitations or email me personally if you believe your journey to true freedom will begin:

- Illogical feelings of negativity
- Irrational behaviour compared to your usual day to day personality
- Overly repetitious ritualistic movements
- Sudden waves of depression from out of the blue
- Strange or random outbursts of anger
- Inability to forgive or forget
- Out of context strong feelings of fear
​ or depression

For more information or for a personal response please simply email