Negative Entity Removal 

We regularly get asked to remove negative entities and other dark or demonic energy related issues. It's the scourge of the human race but you can all be free.  

If you are really struggling in certain aspects in your life then you are probably having huge emotional or mind related issues, but please know are very much not alone. In fact every single one of us on planet earth has these issues; it is only how we deal with them that matters!


To fully explain what an entity is and why they hang around us goes beyond this summary information, there are many types, they can and will magnify the emotions or thoughts that are already inside you. Yes for sure it feels incredibly real, but it’s only a manipulated passing emotion and it will if dealt with correctly always pass right through you.


To remove any unwanted negative energies or perhaps a better way to describe it is feelings that seem out if character...simply carry out the below procedure.


Please note it will work if you truly believe: -


  • Find a quite space (if you can)

  • Put on a garment or clothing that feels good (if you can)

  • Take a few minutes to feel calm

  • Give yourself full permission to be clear of all unwanted energies

  • Ask for all light bodied & archangel energies to assist you in this procedure

  • Then....scream very loudly inside your head (so not audibly) “I command that all dark entities and energies leave me right now and go back to where you came from”

  • Then say inside your head “So mote it be”

  • Last and most important must fully believe this will work and did work, or it won’t work

  • Then the biggest and final most important thing.....state with your fullest intent you give no permission whatsoever for negative entities who do not have your best interests to interfere with you in any way. 

  • Please practice releasing emotions quickly it really helps


Reclaim yourself and enjoy a free-er deserve it.